On December 8, 1998 we received this email:

Subject: An almost sad tale...

Blue Lake, CA

I ran a VW shop some years back, but next to my shop in the same building was another repair facility that worked on anything else. Bill ran that shop. He had one bad eye, raced an old Impala at the local dirt track, wore cowboy boots, and was from Texas. We got along fine and downed quite a few beers after hours.

Bill's wife (also from Texas) was a big-boned gal with red hair. Theirs was an on again/off again relationship, which happened to be off at the time. Bill's girlfriend, a bleach blond skinny thing with a nasty temper, came around when his marriage happened to be off, and was sometimes the reason it was off in the first place.

One warm, summer night during racing season Bill was under his car and I was shooting the bull with him. In walks his girlfriend and she is pissed! I don't remember what she was mad about, but she was up-set! They got to yelling and screaming (she's doing the screaming) and finally she loses it. She walks to the front of the car, grabs the floor jack handle and gives it a twist! I'm blown away. The car comes flying down ready to crush poor Bill, but slams down onto the jack stands instead! Bill never used jack stands, but he sure picked the right time to use them that night! Bill was unfazed. You could (and I had) set off a firecracker behind him and he wouldn't even flinch. It took a moment for me to realize what had almost happened. Bill just took in stride (actually kind of a swagger).

Bills back in Texas, and I've no idea what he's up to, but I'd bet his life is just as exciting.


On July 15, 2002 we received this email:
Subject: Hi Richard, today is a Good Day to be ALIVE!

I'm Bruce, 42 years old.....And by the Grace of God I'm alive to hopefully see tomorrow...because today could very well have been my last!!

I live in Missouri & this morning I decided to tackle the transmission filter & fluid change on my 84 Thunderbird. Well, due to 'plain ass laziness disease,' it could have been my last day, Richard.

I have a Rally 2-1/4 ton jack. I wasn't using stands and I near finished putting the trans-pan back on, stopped for a smoke break (which is like every 8 minute's, 'lol'). The jack started whinning, it was bending to the side like melting rubber!! Then - KKkkkaaaaaaaWwhhaaaaammmmp.
I sat looking at it and said to myself - NO MORE STUPID RISKS!!

Anyway Pep-Boys replaced my jack, but I was looking around web-sites about jacks, saw yours and had to write ya!!

Please post this story - maybe it can save a Lazy-Man's Ass!

Grateful to write you today :-), Yours, Bruce

Your mileage may vary...

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